Real-time control

Real-time control

Domain registration, transfer and management are carried out in real-time to our registries.

450+ extensions

450+ extensions

We are sorry that we have made it even harder to decide. We offer more than 450 extensions from all around the globe.

Without worries

Without worries

Need help with making decisions, upgrading or configuring? Contact us and we are happy to assist you.

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  • Free set up
  • Free DNS hosting
  • Real-time registration and transfers
  • Real-time domain management

Every domain is delivered within seconds, usable within hours and can be cancelled each year.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, a domain itself will not do anything. You need something as a webhosting (easy) or VPS (hard) to handle e-mails for your domain. We recommend a webhosting packages for easy of use.

If you already have a webhosting somewhere, you should be able to connect it to this webhosting. If you do not have one, you can always buy one from our website. We will be more than happy to help you setup or migrate your existing e-mail adresses.

We renew domains using the Auto Renew method - this means that a domain will be automatically renewed when it has reached its expiration date. To cancel a domain, simply disable Auto Renew.

When the domain has expired by error, it will depend on the extension whether it is directly available again or if the domain is locked until the quarantine period has passed. To release a domain from quarantine, a fee needs to be paid. This fee varies per extension and costs € 20,- excl. VAT. for all .nl domains.

By default all our services are based on a monthly contract, which means you will be able to cancel your service each month through our customer panel. Different contracts apply to custom offers and thus have different cancellation terms.

Domains can be cancelled by disabling Auto Renew through our customer panel.

Need help registering, transfering or managing? We can help.

Contact us

What our customers say

The great thing about Cloudbear is that they really think along with you. They provided us with solutions that were in our best interest, not theirs. - MetaTracker

With so many companies in this space, Cloudbear really stands out among the competition with the service and level of support they provide. - Bas van de Weijer

Very satisfied with the up-time and the actions in case of problems. Cloudbear knows what they are talking about and offers professional solutions. Really recommended. - Bas Homan

The quality of Cloudbear web hosting is very reliable and the responses per ticket were fast, do not need to call. - ProAlpha WebServices

Very nice to see that our site loads much faster at Cloudbear. I thought that was on our site, but that appears to be in the old server. - Roel van den Houten

Very good support and fast servers. The support is, and it does not matter what the question / problem is, always very clear and fast. - Michael Goossens

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