Our mission as Cloudbear is to change the way people look to hosting companies. We offer scalable, High Available and managed services with a personal touch. No large companies where you - the customer - are just a number, but a company that thinks with you to improve your services. You should be able to order (custom) services that suit your needs, with fast and knowledgeable support when you have any questions, issues or requests. Nearly everything is possible when our default service offering does not fulfill your requirements.

We host websites, we host applications and we innovate the hosting branch, as it is our passion to do so. Our current service offering is quite basic - and we see that. However, we are working on some exciting new services that will fit our mission as they are hand crafted, because they are. You can find our current services also easily elsewhere - but why choose for Cloudbear? (beside the awesome name. *ugh*)

Personal support

We value the process of thinking together. In this way, we try to establish a strong connection in order to offer you the best support.

Managed services

We don’t want you to stress about anything. So why manage your infrastructure yourself, if we are available to do so for you?

Innovative team

To keep up with the industry we need to innovate constantly. That is why our team is always improving our services to stay ahead.

Money.. back?

Oh - and, in the case you did not like our services and our support failed to fix it, we simply give you your money back. No questions asked.

But… wait. Unfortunately, our money back guarantee is only valid for the first 30 days regarding services with no or with 1 month contracts and excluding domains.

Webhosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers

Colocation, rackspace and IP Transit


Our infrastructure supports a wide variety of applications, including: monitoring, backups, DNS, Ansible and a lot more. All our services and applications are provided from our own rackspace at Data Facilities in Spijkenisse, where we have established our core network. Meanwhile, our infrastructure has already expanded to Data Facilities in Den Haag and Amsterdam to host our redundant applications and off-site backups. Our network is built from scratch to announce our own IP space to directly connected (tier-1) transits and exchanges. We have direct connections to providers like Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric and soon we will be connected to the AMS-IX as well. But.. what does this all mean?


We should know about potential problems beforehand to be able to take actions accordingly. That is why we keep track of everything.


Everything is backed up – and your services will be backed up on a regular basis as well. If something fails, we are able to recover quickly.


Of course we try to prevent failing parts – and that is why our infrastructure is fully redundant. We will not miss a single packet.


To offer reliable services we cannot depend on other teams or companies - and that is why we operate our own ASN network.

Our servers are located in The Netherlands @ Data Facilities

Spijkenisse (core), Den Haag (secondary) and Amsterdam (secondary)

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